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Work of the Transition Team

The Work of the Transition Team

Grace United Church, Burlington ON

History: We are an amalgamated congregation of 3 legacy churches. Nelson and Tansley United churches amalgamated in 2017 and operated as Tansley United Church. July 1, 2019 Tansley and St Stephen United churches amalgamated operating then as “New Church” As part of the deliberations between St Stephen and Tansley United churches (2019) there was agreement that in order for the newly formed congregation/community of faith to best discover its identity and mission and determine its direction, the leadership of an Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) would be needed.

Rev. Helen Prior (IIM) began her appointment with us on August 1, 2019 and, due to Covid 19, the appointment’s end date was extended from June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

As required by the United Church of Canada (UCC) whenever a congregation is served by an IIM, a Transition Team (TT) was formed. The TT began its work in August 2019. The Team’s current make up is  is six members elected by the congregation (Linda Draddy, Sharyn Georgas, Stacy Goodale, Barb McKeown, Chisanga Puta-Chekwe and Sue Stephen), two representatives of Regional Council (Mel Matthias and Marilyn Parsons) and Rev. Helen.

It is the role of the TT to work with Rev. Helen to help guide the work of the community of faith through the period of intentional ministry.

In September 2019, we established 5 Transition Team goals that continue to guide the work and priorities of our team.

We consider Goals 1-4 to either be fully accomplished, or, generally accomplished with ongoing action of the Board and congregation towards completion. With the work of a Search Committee now underway (October 2021) Goal 5 is in process.

  1. Develop a shared vision and mission, including a new name.
  2. Build an inclusive and diverse church that reflects our community at large
  3. Engage the church in reviewing structures, programs and relationships
  4. Develop stewardship awareness
  5. Prepare the congregation to call and welcome the new minister

More information on the outcomes of our work – new name, Guiding Principles, and Core Values is available on the website.