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Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Join us for coffee and fellowship following service

Jesus 24/7

Can you fill in the blanks?

We are not _______,  we _____ in God’s world.  We believe in God:  who has _______ and is _________.   We are called … to live with respect in ______

This 130-page workbook is available for  $10.00.   You are invited to join the complete 12-session study or drop in as you have time / interest.

Classes will be on Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm

1: “We are not alone”. The grand scheme of things – four ideas about God Oct. 17
2: “We believe in God”. Does God really care about me?/ I don’t know how to pray.  God’s gift of freedom – ultimate triumph of love Oct. 24
3: “Come in Jesus” – Dead but not defeated – facts and fiction Oct. 31
4: “The Word made flesh”: GOOD NEWS! Nov. 7
5: “Who works … by the Spirit – The Spirit of Truth – work of the Holy Spirit Nov. 14
6:”Called to be the Church” – God’s temple, Christ’s body – we are the church Nov. 21
7:”Celebrate God’s Presence” – Baptism, modes of worship Jan. 9
8:”Respect in Creation” – Creation or evolution? stewardship / discipleship Jan. 16
9: “Love and serve others” – volunteering, not for pay but for beliefs Jan. 23
10: “Seek justice and resist evil” – Socio-economic cultural equality Jan. 30
11: “Our judge and our hope” – Do I need to be saved? Do I really have faith? Feb. 6.
12: “Life beyond Death” – Learning from Jesus’ resurrection Feb. 13