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Gratitude Project


The Faith Formation Committee would like to invite all members, of all ages to take on a Gratitude Challenge.  We have created a calendar for the month of October which we ask you print out and follow each day.  This calendar features a scripture passage to reflect on as well as an activity which can help you to feel more grateful.

Print out your own calendar

Squash Soup Recipe

If you wish to take it a step farther, your Faith Formation Committee is considering creating a special COVID-COPING ALBUM.  In this album we would like to preserve your personal gratitude items.  You can participate in lots of different ways.  Please send all submissions to:

Submit photos of the things you are grateful for:

  • baskets from the garden
  • newly canned jars of preserves
  • your pot of home-made soup
  • your own prayer of grace
  • anything you are grateful for

Here are some other things you might be interested in submitting:

You could also:

  • commit to a MORNING GRATITUDE SESSION: take just one minute each day to  think of five things or people for whom you are grateful
  • commit to a local beautification / clean-up
  • make a list of some favourite books or great books you’ve read recently and share it with your friends. Ask them to do the same in return. A great way to appreciate the joy of reading and maybe discover some new books and authors.
  • create a joke collection – (come on now … keep it clean!) – What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? … the taste!   (ew)
  • put gratitude into action: Support petitions?

Celebrated on the equinox (September 21st), Gratitude Day was created so that each of us could take time to pause and give thanks for all we have in our lives.

The celebration was later officially adopted by the United Nations Meditation Group and is now a day set aside to let us show our appreciation for all things, big and small. A vast array of other studies show that practicing gratitude can improve sleep, self-esteem, self-control and overall resilience in the face of challenges.