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Finance Roles

Call to Serve: Opportunities to serve the New Church in book-keeping, finance, payroll administration and/or Treasurer roles

Nehemiah 2:18 I also told them about the gracious hand of my God on me and what the king had said to me. They replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.

As our New Church opens, so too are there new opportunities to serve. The following opportunities are available to support the business and financial arm of our church. These tasks can be taken on by
• One person, in the role of Treasurer, or,
• A team of people can work together, each accountable for one or more of the roles points outlined.
• Those for whom work in finance, book-keeping, accounting or with a business background are encouraged to serve
• Specific training on current systems and practices will be provided, as well as ongoing support from members of the Finance Committee.
• The roles are crucial to the life of the church, and so a commitment of one year of service is requested.
• Positions are available now!
• A high degree of confidentiality is required for these roles

Role One–Payroll:
1. Administering Payroll changes through ADP.
2. Record in QuickBooks bi weekly pay cycle.
3. Provide paystubs to staff.

Role Two—Revenue/Accounts Payable/Bill Payments/ Reconcilliation:
1. Currently using Quickbooks online
2. Incoming invoices recorded into QuickBooks
3. Process payments, produce cheques
4. Secure two signatures from signatories, return to church office for mailing.
5. Monthly Bank reconciliations are performed in Quickbooks.
6. All deposits from Offerings and Fundraising are recorded in QuickBooks on weekly basis.
7. All banking activity recorded in Quickbooks not covered off by Accounts Payable or Offerings. Eg United Way deposits

Role Three: Financial Statements and Reporting
1. Operating Statements and Balance Sheet statements can be run in QuickBooks.
2. Tracking against the budget is done in Excel
3. These required once monthly, five days prior to the board meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
4. Cash flow has to be managed and ensure that monies owing to M&S are available for disbursement and all other monies received and designated for specific purpose.
5. Annual Financial Report Prepared in January /February each year for presentation to Board and Congregation

Role Four: CRA and United Church Reporting
1) T3010 Annual Charitable return – due June 30, annually
2) UCC Statistics – financial information provided to Board Secretary

To apply, please contact Sandra Baker, Chair, Finance using the Subject Line Finance Volunteer, or speak to Sandra in person to find out more.