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Communion Captain and Servers

Communion Servers

When you arrive at church, check in with the Communion Captain, so they know you have arrived.

At the beginning of the hymn that is played just before the offering is collected, go to the back of the Sanctuary to pick up the Communion elements as assigned by the Communion Captain.

As the offering hymn begins, walk to the Chancel (the front of the church) ahead of the Ushers bearing the offering, and take the elements to the front where the minister will accept them.

Take your seat in the front row.

As people take the elements, offer an appropriate phrase. (e.g. living bread, bread of life, Jesus’ body broken for you, wine for the journey, the true vine, cup of blessing, Jesus’ blood poured out for you. You may wish to listen carefully to the Minister’s short phrase of institution and use that.)

Michael Mulrooney will come forward if he is taking communion. Do not go to him.

After everyone in the congregation (including those with mobility issues who can’t come forward) have been served, re-assemble in a row at the front so the Minister can place your items back on the Communion table. The Minister will then serve you. At the end, the Communion Captain will serve the Minister, allowing time for their meditation. Then the Captain and all the servers sit down.

The one who anoints with oil will come forward to receive Communion with the servers.

At the end of the service, wait for the Choir to leave, then collect your Communion element(s) and walk down the aisle to the back.

Communion Captain

Reminds the servers (by e-mail):

* that they will be serving Communion on Sunday

* that they come to the back of the Sanctuary at the beginning of the hymn that is played just before the offering is collected

* that they will carry the elements to the Chancel ahead of the ushers bringing the offering

* who will serve which element in which position (pulpit side, organ side)

When the Captain arrives at church, they let the Minister know who will be serving Communion with them.  The Captain serves with the Minister, first to the choir, then in the centre, then in the Sanctuary to those who could not come forward (e.g. audio video operators, those with mobility issues). The Captain will then serve the Minister after the other servers have had Communion.

Communion Element Preparation

Purchase 1(one) bottle Welsh’s concord grape juice, gluten-free rice crackers,  and 2 loaves of sour dough bread on Thursday. This task will be easier if the bread is not very fresh when you have to cut it. Save your receipts so you can be paid back or used as a gift-in-kind.

On Saturday cut the ceremonial loaf along the centre  bottom with a short 2-inch cut not more than ½ inch deep. Deepen the 2 inch cut, a little, with fork holes along it’s length. When the Minister breaks this ceremonial loaf, it must look broken not sliced.

On Saturday, cut the other loaf into bite size pieces about a cubic inch in size. Wrap both loaves in freezer bags, or the bread bags, so they don’t go stale.

Arrive at church about 9:30 am. Move the Communion ware (stored in the Communion table) to the kitchenette. There is a pitcher, a plate, 2 small chalices and one larger one, 3 bread baskets, 2 special gluten-free wooden services (smaller one for the choir, the other for the congregation). Put the white cloth on the Communion table.

Wash your hands.  Organize the gluten-free service first so that it is not contaminated with wheat. Using a measuring cup, fill the individual glasses. Next fill the 3 bread baskets with bread pieces and cover them with napkins. Place the ceremonial loaf on the plate. Cover it with a napkin. Pour  grape juice into the pitcher. Line up dishes and baskets on the long kitchenette shelf.

After the worship service, pour the grape juice that was in the chalices, under a tree in the garden and discard any leftover bread. Juice left in the pitcher can be returned to the bottle and saved till next month. Wash the dishes. Return to Communion table cupboard.

Take the white cloth home to launder if it became stained.