Come and Worship with Us!

Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Join us for coffee and fellowship following service

Communion Captain and Servers

Communion Element Preparation and Serving


The Minister will be preparing her own Communion elements.

  • Arrive as close as possible to 9:30 and enter through the west side door – it should be propped open
  • The Communion elements and gloves are kept in the Communion table
  • Clean your hands
  • Place one Communion element at the piano for the Music Director
  • Place four Communion elements at the sound booth for the Communications people
  • Get a basket and fill it with the communion cups
  • Stand at a comfortable distance from the Usher and hand out a prefilled communion cup to attendees as they arrive before they proceed to the sanctuary – you may also want to give instructions on opening the cups (i.e., wafer is in a layer on top of the juice, don’t open over your clothes, etc.)
  • Make sure there are bins available at the Main exit for people to throw the empty cups out when they leave
  • Clean your hands
  • Take your seat in the Sanctuary
  • After congregants leave at the end of the service: Clean your hands then put on a pair of gloves. Replace the unused Communion cups in the box and put the box in the Communion table
  • Check the Sanctuary for any garbage left behind and throw it away. Remove the gloves and sanitize your hands
  • Check the Communion table for crumbs or spilt juice and clean as necessary. Wash, dry and put away the Communion dishes. Please take the tablecloth home to launder if it needs it.