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At Grace United Church we offer the sacrament of wedding to people active in our congregation, or to a close relative of an active member (sibling, child, grandchild, etc.), or to a couple who have decided to make this church a part of their life together.

The following information is provided to assist you as you consider celebrating your wedding vows at Grace United Church. We want your wedding day and also your continuing marriage relationship to be filled with love, joy and meaning, so we will make every effort to support and assist you in your preparations.

Where to begin?

First, together as a couple, read the information on this page thoroughly. Consider the expectations you have for your wedding and compare them with the information provided here. If you feel comfortable with our requirements and understanding of a wedding service, your next step will be to contact the church office via email or phone.

The first question we will ask you is the proposed date, since all weddings are subject to the availability of the officiating minister. If the minister is available, a deposit of $100 will confirm the date and time of the wedding.

The wedding service as worship

The Christian Church is involved in weddings not only to fulfil a legal function but because we want to offer the opportunity for your commitment of self-giving love to take place within the context of a service of worship. A wedding in a church is an expression of our faith and deepens our appreciation of God’s love and care for us as revealed through Jesus Christ. If a Christian marriage service doesn’t interest you, we encourage you to seek the services of a justice of the peace.

At least two meetings with the minister will be necessary to properly prepare for the service. The minister will offer you a selection of wedding worship outlines that, in consultation with the minister, you will be able to personalize to best express your faith and commitment to one another.

The date and time for a rehearsal with all of the wedding party (including your parents) will be arranged with the minister well in advance.


The music selected must be suitable for Christian worship. Generally speaking, this means that the music in its entirety expresses faith in God and the implications of that faith in our human relationships. You should discuss possible musical selections with our music director well in advance of the service and before you make any arrangements with guest musicians or soloists.

Note that we do not allow recorded music during any part of the wedding service.


The $675 fee includes the services of the minister, organist and caretaker, and use of the sanctuary. As mentioned, you will make a deposit of $100 as soon as the date is confirmed with the minister. The balance, along with your marriage license, is due at least two weeks before the wedding.

If you are contemplating an off-site wedding, the minister will determine the fee on an individual basis.

Videotaping and Photography

Photographers/videographers wishing to record any aspect of the wedding will need to speak with the minister prior to the service. Photos may be taken during the processional, the recessional and the signing of the register, but may not be taken during the service of worship itself. If you wish, there will be an opportunity for the wedding party to pose for pictures after the service.

Marriage Preparation Course

Planning for your wedding should also include preparation for the marriage itself. We strongly advise that you participate in some form of marriage preparation program. These local agencies both offer marriage preparation courses:

Burlington Counseling & Family Services (905-637-5256)
Pastoral Counseling Service, Hamilton (905-529-5400)
Their courses are not lengthy and are highly recommended.


If you decorate the sanctuary, your wedding party will be responsible for removing the decorations and returning the sanctuary to its previous state following the service. Floral arrangements may not be placed on the organ, organ speakers or piano, there are flower stands available for use. If you are lighting a unity candle or placing candles in the candelabras, you will be responsible for purchasing the candles.

The use of confetti or rice is not permitted on the Church premises, including the parking lot.