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Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Grace United Church
2111 Walkers Line, Burlington
(one block north of Upper Middle)

Tuesday March 14th 10 am to 6 pm.

We will be hosting an indoor Vaccination site.
Grace has a large parking lots and we are located on the Burlington Transit route, bus route 25.

The link to make online appointment is  and the clinic name is:  CRC – Grace United Church (Mar 14) Ages 5+ (Adult booster, 5-11 all doses)

Walk-ins are accepted, while vaccine supplies last. 

  • CRC will be delivering and offering Pfizer products (adult booster and pediatrics all types of doses) on the following schedule
  • Please be advised that we adhere to the provincial and public health guidelines on eligibility for 4th/5th doses.
  • For your reference: timeframes between COVID + and COVID vaccination – the guidance is as follows:
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance – English (
  • Page 19 and 20.
  •  “Infection after primary series – Individuals currently eligible for booster dose(s) A minimum of 3 months (84 days) after symptom onset or positive test (if asymptomatic); however, a 6-month (168 day) interval may provide better immune response regardless of the product given.”

Boost Your Protection Against COVID-19
Give yourself the best protection this respiratory illness season and as you spend more time indoors. Vaccination is the most effective way you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the most serious effects of COVID-19.

Why get a COVID-19 booster dose?
Ontarians aged five and over are recommended to get a COVID-19 booster dose, regardless of the number of booster doses previously received to:

  • Restore protection that may have decreased since your last dose
  • Keep you protected from severe illness from COVID-19

All eligible Ontarians aged 12 and over will receive a bivalent vaccine for their booster dose. Bivalent  vaccines provide better protection against the most recently circulating COVID-19 variants in Ontario.

For more information, visit

When is it recommended that I receive a booster dose?

• Ontarians aged five and over who are not at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness


• Individuals at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness, including:

– aged 65+
– First Nation, Inuit & Métis or a non-Indigenous household member 18+
– residents of long-term care homes, retirement homes, Elder Care Lodges
– individuals living in other congregate settings that provide assisted-living and health services
– 18+ and pregnant
– 18+ and a health care worker

• Individuals who are immunocompromised aged five and over, after consultation with your health care provider

Individuals aged five and over may receive a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as other vaccines, including the flu shot.

Do I need a booster dose if I’ve had COVID-19?

If you have already had COVID-19, you should still get a booster dose for protection from reinfection or severe outcomes. You are recommended to get a booster dose if it has been between three and six months after symptom
onset or a positive test, however, waiting six months may provide a better immune response.
The best booster dose is the first one offered to you to ensure you have good protection from severe illness from COVID-19.
You will be offered an age-appropriate, Health Canada approved booster dose based on your eligibility.
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