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Ghost of Candy Cane Traditions Past

The Ghost of Candy Cane Traditions Past

You are invited to participate in our fund-raising event

At this time of year, you are normally receiving many requests to consider how to help with our Christmas bazaar.  Perhaps you would be busy with baking at home, pie making at the church, filling jars, donating items for the Silent Auction, adding your name to the schedule etc.  This year, you are off the hook!  Our event has once again been run off the rails.  We are not able to hold Candy Cane Traditions in the usual way.   Instead of asking for physical help with these items we are asking you to consider how much you would have spent on baking supplies ($$?), filling jars ($$?) or items to donate to the Silent Auction ($$?), not to mention what you might have spent at the bazaar ($$?) and enjoying the wonderful lunch ($10) that was available!  Armed with that information we ask you to save your energy and donate to The Ghost of Candy Cane Traditions Past. All donations made to Grace in 2021 will be used for Grace United Church projects.

Our current vendors have been advised of the decision not to hold an in-person event. It was decided that we would provide with them the opportunity to offer their items to the Grace United Church community. If you are interested, please check out our page

In the past, the monies raised from Candy Cane Traditions has been split between our Church, Church Outreach, and other local charities – Carpenter Hospice, Food4Kids, Wesley, Five Oaks and Socks.  With your help we can continue that tradition.  In addition, to your donation to Grace please consider making a separate donation directly to one of our charities of choice.

How to make a donation to The Ghost of Candy Cane Traditions Past:

  1. Forward an etransfer to OR 
  1. Forward a cheque, made out to Grace United Church, to 2111 Walkers Line, Burlington ON L7M 0Z2.

In either case please indicate that your donation is in support of The Ghost of Candy Cane Traditions Past.   All gifts will be included in your yearly givings tax receipt.

Thank you for participating.

For further information contact:  Donna Lelievre at or  Carol Boyle at