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Building Re-Opening Protocols

Update From the Re-Entry Committee  

This Sunday marks the first time since March 2020 that a Worship Service is being held in the Sanctuary at Grace.  While this first service is a test, (and in fact was recorded earlier), we are hopeful that within a few weeks we will be able to permanently transition back to live services which will be both taped and live streamed.  This means that very soon, Grace members will be able to choose whether they want to attend Worship Services in person, or continue to attend virtually, depending on their particular circumstances.

In the next week or so, details will be shared with everyone on the re-opening of live services at Grace, so please stay tuned.

All of this would not be possible without the dedicated work of a host of committees and volunteers, nor the ongoing patience and support of our congregation.  Thank you to everyone for your continued efforts over the last 18 months.

Part of those efforts included a special congregational survey conducted in the summer of 2020 asking the congregation, among other things, under what conditions they would feel comfortable returning to live activities at Grace.  You told us that in order to return, you wanted the following:

–        Full vaccine availability, flattened curve, widespread testing and treatment availability.

–        Government mandated safety protocols in place.

–        Willingness of the congregation to be pre-registered for contact tracing.

When this first survey was conducted, none of the above was in place, and we had no idea if and when a vaccine would become available, so we indicated that at some point in the future we would likely re survey the congregation.  Thankfully, a year later, we have all of this and more in place.  As a result, we are able to re-open our Sanctuary for live Worship Services.

We know that some people in the congregation have been asking when the next Re-Entry survey will be issued.  Given that we are now Re-Opening for live Worship, we have decided that a follow up Re-Entry survey is not required.

Again, thank you to everyone who has contributed to our ability to re-open Grace, and we hope everyone enjoys their choice of Worship options.

Dale Martin                   Heather McGavin

Co-Chairs, Grace United Church


Re-Entry Update for Grace United Church September 24, 2021


It has been 18 months since we have been able to worship together at Grace and now that things are opening up in Ontario, many of you are asking when we can expect to do that again.  

First and foremost, Grace United Church is a Vaccine Friendly place of worship.  As stated in our Core Values, inclusion is at our core. Our Re-Entry Committee in partnership with the Board, has been developing the appropriate governance to support this. Our commitment to inclusion and providing a safe place for spiritual growth remains firmly intact.

There is compelling evidence that vaccinations are the most effective way to protect our congregation, communities and ourselves against COVID-19 and we encourage and support COVID-19 vaccination for those who are eligible. 

Health and safety protocols at Grace will continue until further notice and under the guidance of our government health professionals. These protocols continue to be available on our website. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to provide updates to our re-entry process as we evolve our protocols within the context of Government Health and Safety guidelines and our Core Values. 

Currently we are waiting to have the new AV equipment installed that will allow us to have in-house services while continuing to maintain an on-line presence. There has been a delay with the provider and until such time as we can commence services in the church with the proper AV support, we will continue our services online through YouTube. 

We know that our renters and organizations that we partner with may have their own COVID-19 policies, and we will continue to work with them to ensure that our Renter/User Agreements comply with them and meet the safety needs of our congregation.  

As always, we respect your choice to continue participating in Grace activities in person or remotely as circumstances warrant. 

Thank you to our Minister and staff, and members of our Board, Committees and congregation, who have worked tirelessly to help Grace continue to do God’s work in our community.  

Dale Martin & Heather McGavin, Co-Chairs of the Board of Grace United Church                                        

Before you enter the building please read the following:

  • Follow all local, provincial and federal COVID-19 protocols
  • Before leaving home self-assess for fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, generally feeling unwell
  • Stay home if symptomatic.
  • Clean hands on entry and exit
  • Wear a mask at all times when in the building
  • Stagger entry to maintain 2 metre distance
  • Practice respiratory etiquette (cough or sneeze into elbow or a tissue)
  • Maintain 2 metre distance at all times
  • Seating will be arranged ahead of the event with appropriate 2 metre spatial distancing.  The chairs are not to be moved.
  • Washroom entry is 1 person only to maintain 2 metre distance
  • A record of attendance must be completed by the Facilitator and kept for potential contact tracing by Public Health.
  • NO shared food or drink – bring your own if necessary
  • Do NOT use the kitchenette
  • Communicate with the church office by email or phone ONLY
  • Do NOT access the church office
  • Watch this video before you return
  • Please also read FAQ

If you are a member of Grace United Church and would like to hold a meeting/event for your committee/ group, please contact the office.  Once the office has completed the agreement it will be sent to you for your signature.  Please note everyone will be  required to sign a Terms of Use Agreement. 


Please contact the church office (905 335-0090) to book a time and room.  All meetings and gatherings have to be booked with the church office 

If you are a group interested in renting space at the church please visit our rental information page