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Building Re-Opening Protocols

The Following information is for members of Grace who wish to use the building.

Before you enter the building please read the following:

  • Follow all local, provincial and federal COVID-19 protocols
  • Before leaving home self-assess for fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, generally feeling unwell
  • Stay home if symptomatic.
  • Clean hands on entry and exit
  • Wear a mask at all times when in the building
  • Stagger entry to maintain 2 metre distance
  • Practice respiratory etiquette (cough or sneeze into elbow or a tissue)
  • Maintain 2 metre distance at all times
  • Seating will be arranged ahead of the event with appropriate 2 metre spatial distancing.  The chairs are not to be moved.
  • Plan ahead to reduce the need for washroom use. Washroom entry is 1 person only to maintain 2 metre distance
  • A record of attendance must be completed by the Facilitator and kept for potential contact tracing by Public Health.
  • NO shared food or drink – bring your own if necessary
  • Do NOT use the kitchenette
  • Do NOT linger anywhere on church property to socialize
  • Communicate with the church office by email or phone ONLY
  • Do NOT access the church office
  • Watch this video before you return
  • Please also read FAQ

If you are a member of Grace United Church and would like to hold a meeting/event for your committee/ group, please contact the office.  Once the office has completed the agreement it will be sent to you for your signature.  Please note everyone will be  required to sign a Terms of Use Agreement. 


Please contact the church office (905 335-0090) to book a time and room.  All meetings and gatherings have to be booked with the church office 

If you are a group interested in renting space at the church please visit our rental information page

Message to Congregation regarding Grace Re-entry Protocols – Sept 2020

The purpose of this letter is to provide an update on what you can expect when you visit Grace United Church.

First of all, we thank our volunteers who have worked tirelessly to keep the spiritual and community business of Grace up and running during the last number of months.  Without your efforts, we wouldn’t be here today.

Secondly, we thank our Minister, Rev Helen Prior and our Music Director, Michael Mulrooney for their initiative and creativity in bringing us worship services in a new and vibrant fashion.

And we thank Rhonda Robertson and Juan Arevalo for making sure the logistical side of Grace has continued to operate.

As a member of the Grace Congregation, you recently had an opportunity to fill out a survey about re-entry into the building.  Thank you for completing that survey.  The results of that survey will be shared with the congregation soon.  In essence, you told us, that a significant majority of you are not yet ready to attend live activities at Grace.  At the same time however, some of you indicated that you would be willing to begin cautiously attending some activities within the building.  We recognize that the next few months will present many more questions on how things will unfold at Grace.  During this time of transition, we are asking everyone’s patience and caution as they begin to re-enter the building.  Re-entry has significant implications for our Clergy, staff, volunteers, renters and the general congregation.  Our future success will be very much impacted by how we take safe steps as we slowly re-enter the building.

So – what does Grace look like right now?

Well, first and foremost we strongly encourage you to visit our website where you will find important information that you will need to read before visiting Grace.  This includes new Terms of Use Agreements for internal groups / committees at Grace, as well as safety protocols for renters, community groups and individual visitors.  We also have a short video outlining safety protocols that are to be followed.  If you are a renter or a potential renter, you’ll also find our revised rental agreements that outline, in detail, your and Grace’s responsibilities moving forward.

For the time being at least, the building will continue to be locked.  Therefore, if you do enter the building, you will most likely be doing so as part of a small congregational or volunteer group, or participating in one of the activities that are slowly starting up again.

Before you enter the building, you’ll notice signage at the doors.  This signage is similar to what you have become familiar with at other public places, which state basic precautions including the obvious one – do not enter if you are unwell.

When you enter the building, you will need to wear a mask at all times, sanitize at the sanitization station inside the door, sign in and out at the entry log and maintain a 6 ft. distance from those around you.

You’ll notice that even if Rhonda or Reverend Helen are in their offices, the outer office will be closed and locked.  If you have business with Rhonda or Reverend Helen, please contact them by phone or email.  There is a mail box on the outer office window so you can put anything that needs to get into the office there.

You’ll also notice that certain areas of the building are either closed off, or access restricted including the Nelson Room and the Basement, which are not to be accessed at this time.  Please also note that the washrooms are also limited to one person at a time.

At certain times of the day, areas of the building will be in use by some of our long-term renters and when that is the case they will be off limits to anyone else.  Please refer to the calendar on the church website for when these spaces are in use.

If you are a member of a Grace group or committee that decides to begin meeting in the building again, your group will be required to complete a Terms of Use Agreement (Sanctuary/Loft) and formally book a room and time with the office.  This Terms of Use Agreement details the guidelines for using space at the church, including ensuring that the area used is wiped down after use, and that an attendance record is kept and that the area used has been returned to it’s clean condition.  Each group will also be required to complete a Safety Plan detailing who will be using the space.  Both the Terms of Use Agreement and Safety Plan will need to be signed by a representative of the group/committee.  If you are a current group/committee or wish to form a new group and use the sanctuary or loft, you are welcome to do so.  Please contact the office to book a space and to have a Terms of Use Agreement produced for your group.  Note that this will be required for everyone meeting in the building even if just for one hour.

We thank everyone for their continued support of Grace United Church.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Thank you.

Heather McGavin  Dale Martin       Co-Chairs Grace United Church Burlington